The Truckee Transit Center Relocation Feasibility Study

a catalyst for major improvements that relieve congestion, improve mobility, and advance the region toward a more sustainable future. 

The current transit center location, the Depot, is exceeding its existing capacity needs for transit vehicles and parking. The feasibility study will integrate technical analysis and community input to determine the preferred location for the relocation of the transit center. The preferred site (or modification of the existing site) will meet existing and future multi-modal transit needs for the Town of Truckee. Ultimately providing safer access to transit, reducing traffic congestion, and accommodating increased transit services throughout the region.

The Town of Truckee provides safe and reliable transit services to residents and visitors accessing recreational, employment, shopping, and social service opportunities. Current transit operators connecting at the transit center include Truckee TART, Regional TART, Greyhound Lines, Amtrak California Zephyr, Amtrak Thruway Bus Service, North Lake Tahoe Express, and various seasonal shuttles and tour buses. Access streets negatively impacted by the high amount of transit vehicles entering and exiting the transit center include Donner Pass Road, Bridge Street, and West River Street.


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Existing Transit Center

Annotation 2019-01-14 213758.jpg

The Depot

Address 10065 Donner Pass Road

Ownership Amtrak/Town

Existing Use Transit Center

Availability Current Site

Acreage 1.0


Managing growth while preserving and enhancing the mountain character of Truckee


The current transit center location generates it’s own tourist and local traffic and parking challenges exasperating safety and congestion problems in downtown Truckee.